Menstrual Blood As A Plant Fertilizer

Are you using a menstrual cup, and thought hey I just started my garden – I wonder is this can be used for my garden? Some of my readers have already hear’d about using diluted menstrual fluid as plant fertilizer and were excited with the results! As I always say- Waste Not, Want Not!

So how much do you dilute? Also, do you use a spray bottle to mist the soil, or do you pour it?

First, it’s important to know to use fresh blood, not to collect in a jar all week. However- that can be done! Dilute 2:1 (cups water: menstrual blood).

Second, menstrual blood should be used on the outdoors plants as a fertilizer because indoor potted plants use a different mixture.

There are some potential problems with just pouring it straight on the garden – some blood-borne pathogens can be transferred around and apparently it can attract ants – but one way to minimize the risk of that sort of thing is to put it through a hot compost heap. If you know you have a blood-borne pathogen, you might want to look into the situation with your condition further – although apparently even hepatitis, one of the longest surviving blood-borne pathogens outside the body, only manages about 30 hours before breaking down (shorter if heated/exposed to sunlight).

So yes ladies, you can use your menstrual blood in your garden.


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