Pee in your garden! Let the hose blow.

Urinating in your own garden makes good sense because fresh urine is high in nitrogen, contains phosphorus and is low in potassium with the additional benefit of acting as an excellent high-nitrogen liquid fertilizer or as a compost accelerator.

Urine varies depending on diet, the more protein – the more nitrogen will be excreted into the urine. Urine also contains salt and because of both the salt and high nitrogen levels, urine should generally be diluted 10:1 before use on garden crops. Greater dilution – 20:1 or more – is appropriate for more tender plants and seedlings.

However, the times to avoid use of your urine is when you are on medication, or if you have a UTI or other infection. As for the idea of peeing on your plants consider that most gardeners, use cow poop for their garden, and that fertilizer has a far greater chance of spreading harmful pathogens than pee. So, any revulsion of your own pee, she be minimal in comparison to piles of animal shit all over your yard.
A good rule of thumb is to not apply urine to those parts of the plant that will be consumed. If however your still hesitant, consider using your pee on fruit trees, perennials, and ornamental plantings in your yard, including your lawn.


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