How to Make a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are easy to construct, by placing various sizes of rocks on the garden floor held in place with blocks or other rocks of suitable sizes. You can give it a mountains or valley feel or fill it with flowers and foliage. You can also incorporate elements that look like pools or lakes. You may even see miniature rock gardens in planter pots and various containers and even on porches, rooftops, or in shady side spaces near a house.

The rocks you choose will help set the tone for the rest of your garden. Tawny beach pebbles or river rocks add warmth, while white marble chips help brighten up shady areas. Flat terracotta stones complement a tropical landscape, but can seem out of place in a more formal garden. For a minimalist modern landscape or Polynesian-themed garden, try black lava rocks. Because stones last indefinitely, it’s important to choose a look you’ll be happy with for many years.

You can even add multiple colors to your rock garden by using a color that will show up nicely over your rock of choice, or use it to name the plants within by painting the word of your plant. You can stop here, or you can continue to embellish your rocks with added doodles. If you make a mistake, then just allow the paint to dry completely before making any corrections and REPAINT. That’s it.

modern rock garden Build A Pond
modern rock garden

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