How to Make a Moss Wall: Urban landscape.

Moss walls are an ideal alternative to conventional living wall for your property. What was once perceived as an unrealistic project, turns into a very adorable one. Living moss wall Eco-systems is incredibly easy to install, visually soothing, lightweight, and requires little to no maintenance. A living moss wall is a stunning way to turn most any outdoor or indoor living wall project into a huge success.

Gardeners who want to add moss to their landscapes can easily make their own moss given a “starter” of some native moss, the right conditions and some patience. The best time to plant a moss garden is when evaporation is low; usually in the spring or fall. Mosses can withstand drought better than grass; moss suspends its growth while waiting for water. A shady area in your garden, where flowers and shrubs have difficulty growing, is a perfect spot for a moss garden. Moss do require some sun light for growth however cannot grow in full sunlight nor can they grow in deep shade.

It’s important to keep in mind also that moss doesn’t stand up well to foot traffic. When you walk on a moss once, it will recover the next time it rains. But, if walked on a second and third time before a rainfall, moss may not recover, but die and need to be replaced. If you walk around on moss, you’ll kill it faster than you will a lawn.

Where to begin, begin by obtaining some moss that is native to your area. Ask your neighbors. One of them probably has moss in their yard. Moss can be found in woodland areas, too, but be sure to get permission before digging, and don’t take from State or Federal lands!

Every gardener has his or her own method of propagating, we use:

Handfuls of native moss (separated as much as possible from the soil), 1 large container of plain yogurt mixed with buttermilk and we just mix the moss, yogurt and butter milk in a blender and then use a brush to paint the mixture onto the desired surface that we want to grow moss. Keep it moist but not over saturated for the next few weeks. Moss thrives when moist.

Urban Moss landscapes
Urban Moss landscapes New England


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