A Complete Career Change: How To.

A lot of people change careers, all for various reasons. It’s not always because they dislike their job. Sometimes, a person finds themselves needing to learn something new, or they discover that they can’t go any further within the company they are with. Spending time rediscovering yourself can sometimes, simply lead to a new self-assessment and a new career search. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit unsure or insecure — it’s a natural part of the career change process.

Everyone has skills and experiences that can be valuable in a new career. We all have dealt with the problem of employees who can’t effectively communicate, leadership that does not lead, planning committees that get little done, and those are the skills many hiring managers, owners and CEO’s are looking to solve. You and I are the very people they are searching for!

You might need to update your skills and broaden your knowledge. Or perhaps, you just need to update your resume to show that you have the skills in the subject matter. For example, I have a revolving and continuous course load that I am taking, because I always want to improve and invest in myself.

Keep in mind also that your network may be able to give you leads, or simply offer advice and information about a particular company or even have mock interviews with you. While you may be starting over, be aware of your own needs and have patience. You don’t have to take bad pay, horrible benefits and work poor hours just because you’re starting over. Changing careers can get overwhelming at times. Remember that you need to be flexible and set goals for yourself, but be aware that you will have denial letters, calls not returned and not everyone will understand your value – But don’t let these things get you down.

Are you a hiring manager and looking for quality help? Send me a message.

Changes of Careers
Changing Career How To

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