Outdoor Edison Patio Lighting DIY

Mike and I are all about the outdoors, dining, socializing and spending time outside in the garden is our past time. To enjoy our backyard and all the amenities of the outside from pit fires to hot tubing we decided we needed to light our yard and patio area. A year ago, we started by using outdoor lights that slightly changed colors to light up out fruit trees, then we added rope lighting to create trails and mark our boundaries. The idea, in theory, was great to create an ambiance, however, the lighting was not bright enough to do more than simply create a party feel. We dug deeper to find a better solution. Our DIY patio area lighting project is simple to replicate, and the ambiance it creates is comfortable, lit and perfect to host outdoor parties year-round. Lavishly live life out loud a little more lit!

Originally, we were going to light the entire yard, however; I realized that we did not need to light the yard, rather we needed to light the patio. The patio area is where the most traffic sits, stands, drinks, parties, while the yard is an afterthought for the times, we wanted have a fire. The patio area is the beginning point between both the house and the yard, so placing lighting there is the perfect situation. Placing patio area lighting in our case in on the patio, provided nice lighting around the patio itself but the lighting also extended well into the yard. And the fact was that between the patio lighting, the runways rope lights and the solar lights we had multiple ways to create ambiance.

What we decided on was cafe lighting. Cafe Lights are the game-changer of outdoor lighting. You see it advertised in magazines constantly, you notice it at your local restaurants or downtown business improvement districts. They are the thick Edison looking bulbs on heavy duty gauge wire strung from tree to tree over a patio, or a walkway or dinner event. They are beautiful, elegant and bright enough to make any design have theta WOW factor.

As taken as I was by these lights, and taking into account the area that I needed lit, and as always, I researched all my options. I found that the lights would amp up my outdoor space perfectly and provide lighting both on my patio and in my yard. And since the professional cafes, restaurants, streets, areas, ships all use these and I went for the products too.

backyard-patio-light Cafe
Cafe lighting for outdoor spaces.


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