Fax Marketing:

Fax marketing is a direct response marketing and can take the same approach as telemarketing, sending out a large number of ads to fax machines in a given market in hopes of finding clients. And its annoying! Such a waste of paper and resources. However, there are rules.

*Name of the fax advertiser
*The ABN or equivalent business number
*The contact details; including telephone or fax number and a physical address and/or email address
*The destination numbers that the fax is directed towards, which we will manage for you
*Details of how the recipient can send an opt-out message which includes the address where they can opt-out
*Information must be presented in a clear and discernible manner on the first page of the document with a minimum font size of 10pt.
Lets not forget about including an opt-out message for example: To unsubscribe send
a message with “opt-out” and [Your fax number] to [Sender’s fax number],
or email it to [OPTOUT@EXAMPLE.COM].

Fax marketing CT


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