Resumes A Love Hate Relationship With A Computer Program: By Lance Casey

Some tips get you further than others. Resumes these days are often read by a machine before a human sees them. There are no quick and easy-to-do tips that can help get your resume past the screening systems. You’ll hear that a few simple tweaks can make the difference between getting deleted or getting read. But let’s be serious, it’s almost impossible to get your resume in front of a thousand others without some basic insiders’ knowledge of the company. In short, you need to get creative, not lie, but customize your resume to fit the job posting.

Pick a simple easy to read format & layout
Include your personal details & contact information
Remove the resume summary or objective
List your work experience & achievements
List your soft & hard Skills
Customize your information for the job ad
Craft a convincing cover letter

What are your stories? How many recruiters have you contacted, Did they waste your time? What experiences have you had finding a job? Leave me a comment. Trust me, your not alone!

woman computer job application
Our resumes vs The Computer Program

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