A Guide of Workplace Misconduct

The possession of firearms, licensed or not, and including but not limited to, models, replicas, or an object whose outline represents a firearm and/ or ammunition in the workplace is grounds for disciplining up to and including termination. The use of a weapon or any other dangerous instrument in a fight or disagreement with another worker or member of the general public is grounds for an immediate termination. Similarly, threatening anyone with a weapon or other dangerous instrument may be treated as grounds for immediate termination.

An employee who starts a fight with anyone will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

Employees who feel they are being provoked or harassed by co-workers or a member of the general public should discuss this problem with the Office Manager.

Employees are required to meet the businesses standards of courtesy to members of the general public, co-workers and clients.


It is the duty and obligation of all employees who either experience or observe any act or threat of violence in the workplace to immediately report such behavior to the Office Manager. Failure to report such behavior may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination for the employee involved.

Call 911 if you believe there is an immediate emergency. For example: If there is a robber, give him/her whatever they demand, then call 911. If there is an agitated client, tell him/her to leave or you will call 911.

Employees may sometimes be involved in personal disputes with family members, neighbors, etc. that can sometimes escalate to the point that injunctions, restraining orders and other court orders are sometimes sought. We request that employees include their work location as well as their residence in the restraining order. We suggest that the employee inform the Office Manager of the issuance of such an order and provide a description of the individual cited in the order. Even in the case where the employee has not secured a court order but fears for his/her safety, we request that the employee notify the police department immediately, and inform the Office Manager as soon as possible.

The business will immediately investigate and evaluate the situation. In situations involving weapons, or in situations where the threat of bodily harm is immediate and readily apparent, a supervisor may suspend the individual(s) in question and provide a written summary of the incident to the Office Manager for further action. Each incident of violent behavior, whether the incident is committed by another employee or an external individual such as a client or vendor, must be reported. The business (as well as police offices or their representatives, if appropriate) will assess and investigate the incident and determine the appropriate recommended action to be taken.

In situations involving physical altercations or weapons, the business will request the aid and presence of police personnel.

gross misconduct fighting Office Management
Office Management gross misconduct fighting


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