Policy and Procedure- Reference Requests, At-Will Employment Etc.

Reference Requests


All written, oral or in-formal requests for information about employees are referred immediately to the office manager. By establishing this policy, we ensure that any information we release is accurate, and authorized.


Precautionary measures are sometimes taken to ensure adequate protection of property, personnel, assets, etc. We may opt to bond certain employees with specific or sensitive responsibilities within the office.

At-Will Employment

The term “at-will employment” is not to be considered as creating a contractual relationship between the employee and the business. Therefore, unless otherwise, “agreed in writing, such a relationship shall be defined as “employment at will”, where either party is free at any time to dissolve the relationship. The terms of an at-will employment agreement address such items as compensation, wage and salary reviews, employee classification and position and responsibilities.

Orientation and Training

An Orientation and Training Program is conducted for all new employees. We’ll introduce you to office policies and help you adjust to your new settings. If at any time you have a question, ask; we’re here to help.


The business subscribes to the concept of a safe work environment and supports the prevention of workplace violence. Prevention efforts include. but are not limited to, informing employees of this policy, instructing employees regarding the dangers of workplace violence, communicating the sanctions imposed for violating the policy, and proving a reporting system within which to report incidents of violence without fear of reprisal.

General Procedures and Definitions:

As required, you may be asked to attend continuing education classes to hone your skills.

During the initial Orientation and Training period, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your attitudes and abilities and decide if your philosophy and goals are compatible with those of this business. You may leave of your own volition or be dismissed without notice during this time. You will not accumulate seniority nor be eligible for benefits. Upon satisfactory completion of the Orientation and Training period, you will be considered potentially qualified and reclassified as a regular or temporary employee, given seniority retroactive to your starting date and enrolled in any office benefits plan (if applicable).

New Employee Performance Reviews

New employees will receive one oral/written evaluation of their job performance after the first 90 days of employment. The review is conducted by the Office Manager and Management. This gives both of us a chance to determine where improvement or assistance and training is needed.

Policies procedures script


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