Employee Classification |Human Resource Policy Procedure

Our company classifies employees according to specific terms and definitions. The employee classifications are:

Regular Full-Time Employees: Staff who regularly work 32-40 hours in a given work week. Under special condition (i.e. illness, etc.) a full-time regular employee may work less than the normal week for up to 3 months without losing regular full-time staff member status. With mutual consent between management and personnel, this time may be extended.

Term Employee: Employed for less than 90 calendar days orientation period may be extended for (the Orientation and Training period). The possibility of another 30 days extension is at the discretion of the management.

Regular Part-Time Employees: Staff members who work less than the customary number of full-time for a continuous period of 90 days.

Temporary Full-Time Employees: Staff members whose service is intended to be of limited duration and customary weekly hours of a regular full-time employee for a period of days. With mutual consent between the doctor and personnel member, this period may be extended to a total of 6 months, after which time full-time status is conferred.

Temporary Part-Time Employees: Employees who work less than the customary number of full-time hours a week on an indefinite irregular part-time status. With mutual consent, temporary employee status may be extended to 120 days.

Exempt Employees: Staff members who are exempt from the minimum wage overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage-Hour Law) as amended. Such employees include staff members who qualify as exempt executive, administrative or professional employees or as outside sales persons.

Non- Exempt Employees. Staff members who are not exempt from the minimum wage, overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage-Hour Law) as amended.

Employee Class
Employee Classification

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