Part Three : Compensations and General Benefits

Employees receive a (Percent you choose) discount on retail products and a (Percent you choose) discount on all services to be paid in full.

Full time employees who are normally scheduled to work on an official holiday determined by the business will be paid for that holiday. Currently there are only four (4) recognized holidays. Employees who work on the holidays will receive double-time. Part time, and seasonal employees will not be paid for holidays. Any employee who routinely is not scheduled in a given week will not get paid for Holiday pay for a holiday that lands on a day they are not normally scheduled.


New Year’s Day; Memorial Day; Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Any other days that considered “Closed for Business” are non-paid days off.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is granted by the employer and is defined as an extended absence without pay. The employee’s benefits may be discontinued during this time.

A leave of absence creates inequities, since not all staff members can be granted a comparable privilege. Accrued PTO benefits are to be used before leave of absence begins.

Such leaves are discouraged and restricted to the following types of absence:

  1. a) Disability When an extended absence is anticipated, submit a doctor’s statement showing diagnosis of illness or injury, prognosis and expected date of return to work.

Before returning to work, the staff member needs a statement from a physician declaring the employee is ready to resume work and whether there are any restrictions to job duties. Accrued PTO benefits are to be used before the leave of absence begins.

  1. b) Serious Illness or Death in the Family Circumstances of an emergency that compel absence from work.
  2. c) Personal Business Circumstances of an exceptional personal nature.
  3. d) Military Leave- A leave of absence without pay may be granted for a period of up to two weeks.
  4. e) Maternity Leave- A maternity leave of absence will be granted for a period of six weeks from the beginning date of the leave. Maternity leave may be combined with a pregnancy disability a maximum of four months.

A staff member does not accrue seniority while on an unpaid leave of absence. Dates for benefits eligibility and salary review will be postponed accordingly.

A request for maternity leave and pregnancy disability leave must be accompanied by a statement from a physician indicating the reason for the disability and the anticipated date of return to work. Extended leave of absence beyond the four months will be considered a request for a regular leave of absence.

Wages and benefits are discontinued during the leave of absence. Any earned PTO must be taken prior to the beginning of the leave of absence

A staff member who accepts employment elsewhere while on maternity leave will be terminated without notice as of the last date of employment.

Notify management as soon as your physician confirms the pregnancy. Your physician must indicate approval of your continuing employment and fully explain any work restrictions. The physician also must provide a reasonable estimate of the last date you will be allowed to work. You may continue working so long as your physician says that doing so would not endanger your health or that of the baby.

Maternity leave includes situations “where the family unit is increased by adoption rather than natural birth” so the mother can be at home with the child during the initial period of adjustment.

Returning from Maternity Leave

Before delivery, let us know when you expect to return to work. Every effort will be made to place you in your previous position. You will need a medical release from your physician stating you are physically able to return to your normal duties. A staff member who fails to return to work upon expiration of her maternity leave will be terminated without notice as of the last date of employment.

Funeral Leave

All regular full-time employees are eligible. Funeral time paid will constitute the scheduled hours of work for the employee on the days absent from work.

Staff members bereaved by the death of a family member will be granted time off from work without loss of pay according to the following provisions:

When a death occurs in the immediate family. The staff member will be compensated for the wages actually lost from the day of death up to and including the day of the funeral, and not to exceed a total of three work days. Immediate family includes father, mother, sister, brother, wife, husband, son, daughter, father-in-law or mother-in-law.

Let the office manager know as soon as you know that you need funeral leave so that staffing can be rearranged. Time paid for funeral leave will not be counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime. Funeral leave pay will not be paid in addition to any other allowable pay for the same day, such as holiday pay or PTO.

Reinstatement of Work

We comply with federal and state laws regarding reinstatement for employees who must take a leave of absence for military leave, maternity leave or job-related health conditions, or other legislative reinstatement requirements.

An employee may be rehired to work the following priority of position assignment: prior position. equivalent position for which qualified. Lesser position for which qualified.

Health and Safety

Worker’s Compensation Employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance for work related injuries or occupational diseases. This insurance is paid by your employer.

Benefits Worker’s compensation benefits provide medical, surgical and hospital treatment, in addition to payment for loss of earnings that result from work-related injuries.

Reporting Injuries If you are injured while working, notify the Office Manager or management immediately regardless of how minor the injury may be. Failure to report an accident can result in a violation of legal requirements and can lead to difficulties in processing benefit and insurance claims.

Disclaimer Notice: The employer or the insurance carrier may not be liable for the payment of any workers compensation benefits for any injury which arises out of an employee’s voluntary participation in any off-duty recreational, social or athletic activity which is not part of the employee’s work-related duty.

Compensation and Benefits for Work Done
Compensation and Benefits for Work Done


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