Rules Governing Wages and Scheduled Work Hours | Human Resource Policy Procedure

You will find your workdays and hours on the posted schedule. Be sure to check the schedule on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to follow and know your Scheduled hours. Occasionally, office requirements may make it necessary for employees to work beyond scheduled work hours. Any time worked in addition to an employee’s scheduled hours must be approved by the office manager or management.

All staff members compensated with hourly wages are responsible, individually, for entering their times into the computer system when:

Reporting for work or leaving for any authorized personal errand.

Returning from any authorized personal errand o leaving at the end of the day.

You will record your work time in a computer-based time clock (“Time Clock”). Never allow another employee to enter your time for you. Likewise, do not register another staff member’s time even if asked to do so.

Let management know when you are going to leave the premises. Get permission before you leave the building if you need to do personal business during regular business hours. Then check in and check out on your attendance record.

Paid time off (PTO) will be entered by management. Requests for PTO must be authorized and given prior to payday. Presently, PTO requests must be submitted 48 hours in advance if an employee expects to have it added to that week’s paycheck.

Compensatory Time Off

Employees may not take time off in lieu of receiving overtime pay. Please do not ask to make up time missed if it will result in overtime pay.

Hours of Employment

What Does “Time Worked” mean? Time worked constitutes all time from an authorized schedule check-in time to an authorized check-out time.


To ensure that our clients receive proper treatment, we must have adequate staff to handle the workload. Absences of more than two days and disabilities of relatively long duration must be confirmed by a personal doctor’s note and will be reviewed on an individual basis.


All staff members are expected to be ready to begin duties on schedule. Arriving late or leaving early during the workday, unauthorized breaks or meal periods are constitute unprofessional conduct and could result in disciplinary action, including discharge. We recognize that even the most dedicated employee can have a dead battery once in a while or be delayed because of road construction. In the event you will be more than 15 minutes late to work, you are responsible to call and tell management when you expect to arrive. No pay will be given for time not worked.

An employee will be considered late to work if he/she is 10 or more minutes late. In a given calendar monthly, if an employee is late four days, he/she will have an unpaid day off, chosen by management. PTO cannot be used for compensation of the last workday.

Personal Time Off

An employee must obtain approval from the office manager before leaving for personal reasons.

Job Abandonment

If you are away from work for two days and fail to personally contact the Office Manager or management, you will be released for job abandonment.

Wages and Time Cards
Wages and Time

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