Safety Rules | HR | Lance Owen Casey

Keep calm when faced with an emergency. Stay composed, walk briskly, if necessary, Do Not Run!

When lifting: a. Bend with your knees and keep your back straight. Lift with your legs

Store materials and equipment safely and neatly; avoid clutter that might cause accidents.

Report equipment defects immediately.

Repairs are to be made by authorized maintenance personnel.

Do not operate defective equipment.

Do not climb on or into any shelving or fixture.

Wear safe and appropriate footwear.

9, Keep exit door and electrical panels unlocked.

Safety glasses must be worn in all applicable situations.

In the event of fire, follow specific procedures for our office. a. Keep calm b. Call the fire department! Know emergency phone numbers. If trapped in any room, keep the doors closed and seal any cracks with wet towels if possible, d. Open or break a window for air and call for help; do not panic or jump.

Use of fire extinguishers a. All fire extinguishers are checked and in proper working condition. b. You know where each extinguisher is located. c. You are familiar with the right procedure for their use.

HR Health and Safety
HR Health and Safety


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