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As a business in the community, we want to set an example of sound health awareness and conduct. Because of the overwhelming evidence that smoking is dangerous and injurious to a person’s health, we encourage our employees not to smoke. However, we recognize that the decision to smoke or not to smoke is a personal choice.

Smoking is not permitted in the building. Smoking is permitted outside the building at a distance of fifty (50) feet and not visible from any potential client.

Disposal of cigarette butts in the receptacle that is designated for that Purpose.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Working under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the job poses serious risks to the health and safety of the clients, business property and fellow employees. Therefore, any use, sale, purchase, transfer, or possession of any illegal or non-prescription drug is prohibited at any time.

Legally prescribed medications are permitted only to the extent that the use of such medications does not adversely affect the employee’s job performance, or the safety of that individual and others. Any employee who is determined to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. This may include immediate dismissal and reported to law enforcement. An employee who displays unusual or bizarre behavior that could be attributable to alcohol or chemical substance abuse may be required to undergo a medical examination, including urinalysis, to determine if he or she is suffering from alcoholism or drug use. Consenting to medical testing may be a requirement for continued employment.

Drugs and Employment
Drugs and Employment

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