Wages and Salaries Part Two |Exempt Employees

Exempt Employees

Employees exempt from the minimum wage and time card overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage /Hour Law) will not receive overtime pay

Non-Exempt Employees

Employees not exempt from minimum wage, overtime and time card provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act will receive overtime pay.

Overtime worked must be authorized in advance by management or as soon thereafter as possible. Paid time off does not count in calculating overtime hours.

Continuing Education

Keeping up-to-date professionally is a benefit all the way around – for you, for the business and the clients and patients. Your attendance at meetings, lectures and training programs will be counted as hours worked and wages will be paid when such sessions are conducted during your normal work schedule. Attendance will not be counted as hours worked when: a staff member voluntarily attends such programs after work hours even though they may be job-related, or the program is not directly related to the employee’s job and is attended outside normal working hours.

Jury Duty

Should you be called to serve on jury duty or as a witness, please tell us within 24 hours of notification of jury duty. Staff members called for jury duty will be paid their regular wage for up to five days. If you are released from jury duty before the end of the work week, you are expected to return to work for the balance of your scheduled hours.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Personnel will be reimbursed for certain expenses, such as gas and mileage when using their own vehicle for office business. Expenses must be authorized in advance and an itemized claim submitted for payment.

Sick Leave

Sick leave and vacation time earned are combined into the designated category “Paid Time Off, of PTO and can be used any way that the employee desires with proper notice and approval of the Office Manager. Vacation time must be submitted on the proper form and approved by the Office Manager and Management 2 months prior to being taken so that adequate staffing is ensured. The vacation time asked for is not always permitted, and will be dependent on factors like other requests, time of year and time already taken off from said employee. If vacation time or Personal Time Off (PTO) is denied by management and the employee fails to show up for any part of his/her scheduled shift, it will automatically result in termination under job abandonment.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

PTO benefits accrue weekly based on the assigned scheduled hours worked each week and the amount of time employed.

New employees begin to earn PTO at the end of the Orientation and Training Period (the first 90 days of their employment). Upon completion of this phase, eligible employees will receive PTO earned retroactive to the date of employment. If employment is terminated for any reason after completing the Orientation and Training Period, the employee is entitled to payment of prorated paid time off benefits earned and accrued, retroactive to the date of employment.

PTO Benefits

Schedule Less than 90 days of employment 0 days After 90 days and accruing up to first 12 months 5 days (per annum) After 12 months and accruing to first 24 months 10 days (per annum) After 60 months and accruing for next 12 months 15 days (maximum amount)

Staff members are required to take their PTO in the anniversary year in which it has been earned. Periodically throughout the year if. there are extenuating circumstances, you may be requested to carry all or part of your earned time forwarded to the next year (i.e. when the absence may severely affect office operations during a critical period). Unused earned time will be paid for at the end of the anniversary year unless carried over with special permission. Failure to return from vacation on the scheduled date is considered job abandonment and treated as a voluntary termination.

Vacation Scheduling

All vacations will be approved at the convenience of the office so that continuous operations are assured. (See Sick Leave) Any earned and unused PTO must be taken prior to the beginning of a leave of absence. No PTO is earned while on a leave of absence.

Vacation Payments Upon Termination

Employees who terminate their employment either voluntarily or involuntarily will receive payment of any unused PTO benefits, prorated on a weekly basis, at the time they separate from the business. Earned time will be paid to staff retired for reasons of age or disability or to the estate of a deceased employee.

Since no paid time off is earned during the Orientation and Training Period, no earned benefit will be paid to an employee who quits or is terminated during the Orientation and Training period.

Salary Checks
Salary Checks and Wages

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